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Each Person over 18 MUST fill out an application.

Email Address:           (An email address is required to submit this form.)
Address of Property:

Have you OWNED a home, that you lived in, during the past 3 years?

Applicant Information
Applicant Name:  SSN: D.O.B:
Current Address: (Please include your zip code.)
Current Phone Number:

Current Rent: How Long at Current Address? Current on Rent?
Landlord:  Landlord's Phone:
Are you related to your Landlord?  Who pays the utilities?
Would your landlord give a good reference?  Are you currently being evicted?  Ever Evicted?  
Ever convicted of felony?   Where and Why?
Ever Filed Bankruptcy?  What month and year discharged?

 Employer: Phone: How Long?
 Address: Income: Position:

If you have been employed less than 2 years please provide a Previous Employer:
 Employer: Phone: How Long?
Address: Income: Position:

Any other sources of income?
When could you move in? Anyone Smoke?  How many automobiles?
Any Pets? Please Describe:  
Names & Ages of Additional Occupants:  

Nearest Relative not living with you: Phone:
Address: Relationship:
Why are you moving?
If needed, could you get a co-signor?

 NOTE: By filling out this application and pressing the Submit button you are giving Seller/Landlord, and his agents, permission to do all credit, employment, criminal and background checks now, during the lease period, and anytime thereafter until all monies owed to Seller/Landlord have been paid in full. Any information contained on this application found later to be false would be considered fraud and could result in being denied or default on this contract and Seller/Landlord may keep the deposit and pursue eviction and damages. You would be responsible for all legal/court costs as well.
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